Doug Martin says he wants to hit the defender first.


 No longer the “Muscle Hamster” and adequately dubbed the “Douganator”, Doug Martin has come out in the 2015 season as a force to be reckoned with. With 405 yards rushing and 4 TDs under his belt, Doug Martin has fans jumping for joy as well as fantasy football players. Martin gives everybody something to cheer about.

“It’s not just Bucs fans celebrating Doug Martin, who is tied for the second-most rushing yards in the NFL. It’s a national party for Martin, too”– JoeBucsFan on the Success of Doug Martin on Fan Duel

“My thing is, you know, I just want to hit the defender first before, you know, they hit me” Martin said. “And be able take out the man on and actually avoid the big hit and save my body.”– Reported by JoeBucsFan

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