The Flip Flop Fans and the Social Media Bias.


Seems like you get a 50/50 response when it comes to Buccaneer QB Jameis Winston. There are some fans who think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and then there are some who wish he would disappear into the abyss never to return. Why exactly is this?  We are Buccaneers fans and should be backing whoever is under the helm. But it still seems like many people want to place all the blame for everything that has happened in our season, on Jameis Winston. And for some reason it seems that a lot of fans on social media wish Jameis would fail. Whether or not he’s “the answer” he’s our quarterback and like it or not, it’s something we have to live with. Might as well enjoy!

Jameis succeeding and Mariota struggling ruins the narrative for the spread offense crowd. But it also reinforces why Jameis is America’s Quarterback. No matter what Jameis does, good or bad, there is a massive reaction. With the possible exception of Tom Brady, no quarterback moves the needle and pushes social media quite like Jameis.” –Report by JoeBucsFan

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