Michael Bennett says Seahawks’ D has playoff vibe.


 Not sure if I agree, as this is being said following a win against a weak San Fransico 49ers team. At 3-4, the Seattle seahawks are still in the running for the playoffs and could make it, considering they are the 2nd best team in their division. This by no means states they are a playoff defense. After getting blown out by the packers and almost losing to the Detroit Lions, I would have to see a lot more to believe they are going to step up to the next level. Even almost beating the panthers is not that impressive. Keep in mind that the Buccaneers could have done the same if Jameis didn’t blunder twice in that game leading to two Panthers’ touchdowns.

“We just had to stay focused and not give up those fourth-quarter leads, “Michael Bennett told NFL Media’s Steve Wyche after the game. “We know where we should be at and our focus right now is it’s a new season and keep grinding. Our motto is just keep chopping wood, don’t look down until the clock ends and I think we’re focused right now.”I feel that vibe,” he said. “We’ve got a lot of veteran players, man, everybody’s come back healthy, Marshawn is running the ball really well, and we’re just playing good as a team man. From the coaching on down, everybody is gelling right now.” – Reported by Kevin Patra

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