The Buccaneers defense ranks 5th. But has it truly progressed since last year?


On paper, the Buccaneers seem to be a crucial pass defensive juggernaut, but to anyone in the stands or at home watching, this does not seem to be the case. The red zone defense is allowing more touchdowns than stops and the secondary is allowing more big plays than “paper” is leading us to believe.

“The defense has regressed when comparing all of the games in 2015 against the last 10 games for 2014. This year’s defense is giving up more long drives, more yards per game, and, more importantly, more points per game allowed. Points allowed differential between after the bye week 2014 with 2015 is that the 2015 defense is allowing 7 more points per game, or a touchdown per game average!” –  As reported on Bucs Nation

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