Is the NFL trying to make football an Olympic sport?


The NFL has always been an American sport, but such as Hockey, BasketBall and BaseBall are an American Continental sport, they are also featured sports in the World Olympics. Could this be the main reason that the NFL is pushing to play so many games in London? There is definitely an interest in American football throughout the world, as ratings have shown that millions of viewers, in countries all over the World, tune in for the Super Bowl. America has already  become a dominant force in the said categories. Will American football be the next dominant force in the world Olympics? An NFL dream team? With deals made for the NFL to play in London and future prospects of playing in Mexico and Germany, this idea could be a reality to come, within the next decade.

The NFL has signed a new deal with Wembley to play at least two games a year at the stadium until the end of the decade, as it continues to slowly build towards a full-time franchise in London. Earlier this year, the NFL signed a 10-year contract to also play at least two games per year at Tottenham’s new White Hart Lane from 2018. The new deal with Wembley includes an option to extend the contract until 2025, mapping out a future in which at least four games will be played in London per season and shared between the two venues. – Reported by Owen Gibson

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