Jameis Winston rising in the ranks


Marcus Mariota did not play this week, but still tanks 5th in QB rating with 93.6. Jameis Winston improves day to day and week to week and is steadily gaining ground towards becoming rookie of the year. There are a lot of rookies performing well this season, but this should be an easy task for Jameis Winston to accomplish.With Marcus Mariota out, an undetermined amount of time with a sprained MCL, Jameis Winston should easily sneak by everyone and snatch this prize.  There is always room for hope and always room for possibility.

“Winston and Mariota were picked 1-2 in the NFL draft, so the Tampa Bay Times created a database of all first round quarterbacks since 1980. Each week we input the stats and compare Winston and Mariota with the others at the same point in their rookie seasons.Winston threw for 297 yards and two touchdowns against Washington. His quarterback rating (85.67) ranks seventh on the list, just behind Michael Vick at 87.67.” – Report by  the Tampa Bay Times Staff

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