Jameis Winston showing true leadership skills.


I think it’s about time the Buccaneers give Jameis his “C” patch. He is showing tremendous leadership skills and I believe his leadership qualities will continue to grow. You may as well pin the franchise label to Jameis Winston, it’s going to happen sooner or later. I was not a fan nor interested in drafting him, but as time clicks on, I am more than confident he was the right choice. I may even buy his jersey this weekend.

“The loss of both Vincent Jackson and Louis Murphy didn’t help the Bucs chances either, but according to Winston, that didn’t get the team down.”When we lost Vincent and [Murphy] in the game – those are valuable assets to our team – we didn’t panic, we said, ‘we have to pick up our brothers because that’s who we fight for, those two mean that went down we have to lift them up.’Winston’s presence as a leader in the game was also noted by two other wide receivers Wednesday in Mike Evans andDontaee Dye.” – Reported by Matt Stein

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