Cowboys: Joseph Randle faces Suspension


He was lucky the charges were dropped, but The NFL is right to push a suspension on him. When you are an NFL player you have to not put yourself into those types of situations. I wasn’t there so I cannot speak on it the what is and what not’s, but I can say this: This situation was almost certainly avoidable.

“Cowboys running back Joseph Randle was deemed to have violated the NFL’s personal-conduct policy for a recent arrest in Wichita, Kansas. He received the report (Wednesday), which was part of the reason he exited the Cowboys facility. The charges were dropped, but the league kept investigating. He faces a one- or two-game suspension (not a six-game suspension because it’s not domestic violence related), or he could be potentially fined. The main offense is firearm related. The NFL and NFL Players Association are in discussions now about a potential settlement to Randle’s issue.” – Report by Conor Orr

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