Jameis Winston says he’s no Drew Brees



Jameis Winston is not Drew Brees. Jameis Winston is Jameis Winston, and he is setting a name for himself in the NFL, this season. Not for crab legs, not just for being the number one draft pick overall, but Jameis is setting a precedence as being a leader and a pretty good quarterback to boot. After being thrust into battle, Jameis overcame his rookie jitters and settled down to command a team that had been considered failures. The Buccaneers are turning the ship away from losersville and heading towards the land of victory.

“Drew Brees threw for 505 yards with seven touchdowns against the Giants on Sunday, but Jameis Winston doesn’t expect to produce similar monster numbers in Week 9.: “That is Drew Brees that did that,” the Buccaneers’ rookie said Wednesday. “I’m no Drew Brees, but you’ve just got to go to the next game because they’re coming with a different attitude, because they’re like, ‘Drew Brees just did this to us.’ So they’re going to try to play even harder. And so they’re going to rise up to the occasion, and we have to be there to match their intensity.” Reported by Andrew Aslteford

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