The NFL should release the Krakken


Art Schlichter was permanently banned from ever playing in The NFL again, for gambling. In my opinion, if you hit a woman and play professional sports where children look up to you as an idol, you should be permanently banned as well. NFL! RELEASE THE KRAKKEN!

“Take a look, sports fans. Take a good look at the 48 photos Deadspin has put online of the battered and bruised body of Greg Hardy’s former girlfriend, Nicole Holder. Study the welts and marks on her back, her arms, her legs, her chin, her neck and her foot. Then tell me why Hardy should ever be allowed to play another down in the NFL. Almost 14 months to the day after we saw the Ray Rice video, we’re now looking at the Greg Hardy photos. They’re graphic and brutal and appalling.” – Reported by Christine Brennan

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