Don Shula would love to see Carolina go 19-0


Don Shula is known for Miami Dolphins and known for perfect records. That is why it is funny that he would go against a team that has already gone undefeated and may go once again. ( New England )

The 1972 Miami Dolphins famously celebrate each season when the final NFL unbeaten falls. With a record three 8-0 teams in 2015, that champagne might be on ice longer this year. Don Shula, the ’72 Dolphins’ head coach, actually went so far as to say he’s rooting for his son Mike’s Carolina Panthers to go 19-0. “That would make me so proud if that happened,” Shula told Scott Fowler of The Charlotte Observer, referring to the Panthers’ slim possibility of going 19-0. “I’d love to see the Panthers do it. I’m rooting them on, that’s for sure.” – Reported by Kevin Patra

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