Eddie Lacy doesn’t know whats holding him back


Eddie Lacy went from a 1,000+ yard running back to barely breaking 300 yards. Could it be the multiple injuries the star running back has acquired recently or is there a more in depth reason for the lack of production?

“My ankle’s cool,” he said, per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and insisted any added weight is not influencing his poor play. “No,” Lacy said, twice, when asked about his size being a problem. “I honestly don’t know what it is,” Lacy said. “Definitely, I’m off to a different start. I’m not playing how I was the previous two years. Later on in the season, maybe it’ll pick back up. But as of right now, this is just the move that is going to be. “This season (Starks) has definitely been the better player between the both of us. That’s just the move.” If it’s not injury or weight, then Lacy’s play is apparently inexplicable. His foot speed is categorically slower than last season and he strains to get to holes before they close.” – Report by Kevin Patra

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