Case Keenum injury Challenges protocol of the NFL


If it were Tom Brady the entire city would have stood still as they made sure he was ok.


“Late in the St. Louis Rams’ 16-13 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, Rams quarterback Case Keenum was spun around and slammed violently on his head after a passing play. After hitting the ground on his back, Keenum immediately grabbed his head. A teammate tried to pick him up, but a clearly dazed Keenum immediately became wobbly and struggled to roll over onto all fours. Slowly, he made his way to his feet, never appearing steady. Yet the game never stopped. As officials decided what penalty to call, Keenum’s teammates rallied around him and he never left the field. Two plays later, Keenum gave up a fumble that likely decided the game.” – Reported by CBS NEWS

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