Jimbo Fisher evaluates Jameis Winston


We definitely thank you, Mr. Fisher! You had paved the way for a great Quarterback.

“Ten games into his first season, Jameis Winston has nearly eliminated turnovers and led Tampa to a 5-5 mark. Unsurprised by the QB’s success: Jimbo Fisher. Plus Thanksgiving analysis and 10 things to watch Sunday.”

“Fisher: What I don’t think people understand is, his learning curve is off the charts. At the same time, he is an ambitious guy. He’s not scared to push the ball down the field. He’s gonna test his boundaries and learn what that receiver can go get. The thing about this guy is, he’s the ultimate competitor. He respects the game so much, from a competitive standpoint. From a history standpoint, he truly understands why he does things, when it’s good and bad. His ability to process this information is incredible.” -Reported by MMQB

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