Buccaneers 2016 Mock Draft. Yep, already.


It is a tad bit early, to be looking at draft options. But in good fun, it doesn’t hurt to make guesses on which type of player and whom, we might select. And some of these mock selections, do make a lot of sense.

“It’s really too early to be talking mock drafts. We don’t have a clear picture of who the best players are going to be yet. We don’t have a clear picture of where teams will draft yet. We don’t have a clear picture of teams’ needs yet. But early projections with little basis, in reality, are half the fun. But we can say one thing with relative certainty: after two drafts in which the Bucs spent only a fourth-round pick on defensive players, they’re going to add some talent to the defense.” – Reported by Sander Philipse

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