New Orleans media thinking Saints don’t stand a chance?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but the article in the link below sounds an awful lot like a fan/writer who has no faith in their football team. I am a die-hard Buccaneers fan, and even I can see that the Saints are playing tough football as they are trying to knock out as many teams as they can as the season comes to an end. It was evident in the game against the Panthers, that the Saints are playing like a wounded animal, that will not go down without a fight. The Saints are a good enough on defense and with Drew Brees on offense, to make it difficult for any team that is trying to make a playoff spot. Do I think that the Saints can beat Tampa?  Jameis Winston and Doug Martin find ways, to keep drives alive and win games, but so can Drew Brees and the Saints. It will come down to Tampa wanting to sweep another division rival, and continue their trek to a wildcard spot. I do have faith that we can accomplish this feat. But realistically, it will not be a cake walk. I love my Bucs and have been extremely impressed, but regardless of how well a team has played, it always comes down to the any given Sunday factor. Hopefully, this Sunday,  Saints are no longer a factor, and we can sweep  another divisional rival, under the rug.  I know this makes me sound like I am more of a Saints fan than the writer of the article below, but, believe me, I am not. I am just a realist and not a blinded Buccaneers fan. And come Sunday, I will be bad mouthing any and all Saints fans and rooting for my Buccaneers as we collect yet another, divisional sweep!

Look for Doug Martin to have a big game. The league’s second-leading rusher (1,133 yards) will go against a Saints defense that ranks last in yards per carry (4.9). His 5.0 yards per carry ranks first among qualified rushers. Jameis Winston has cut down on his turnovers. The No. 1 overall drafted rookie quarterback threw seven interceptions in three losses over the first four games. He since has thrown four interceptions in a span of eight games that included five wins.”

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