Buccaneers: Making it happen in the Red Zone


The Buccaneers are slowly, but surely, improving in the Red Zone offense. Jameis Winston has made it a focal point, along with turnovers, to improve scoring in the RZ. And so far he has done both. If we can continue to play well, defensively and offensively inside the 20, with all the talent we that have, there will be no end to what we could do. 

“That TD-INT ratio in the red zone is impressive for any quarterback, says Buccaneers Head Coach Lovie Smith, whether he’s a rookie or a 10-year veteran.” “You probably can’t say that about most quarterbacks in the league,” said Smith. “And that is an area where one of the worst things you can do is throw an interception, down in the red zone. For the most part, you should at least get three points. You’re taking points off the board if you do that. It’s critical everywhere, protecting the football, but he has done a good job with that. That’s just a part of the decision-making he’s going through throughout [the season]. He’s made good decisions. We’ve seen that growth throughout the year.” – Reported by Scott Smith

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