A lack of running Doug Martin is not the cause of our losses.


You cannot base how the entire team plays on a lack of utilizing Doug Martin. The defensive play has plagued the Buccaneers all season long. The passing and receiving game has shined at times but, has struggled more often than not. You cannot blame these things on the use, or the lack of use of Doug Martin. These issues will need to be addressed, in order for Tampa to become the team, they are so close to becoming.

“The Bucs had 19 [Running plays and 11 by Doug Martin] on Sunday. Does anyone think a single extra Doug Martin run would have somehow saved the day? The fact that the Bucs run the ball less and use Doug Martin less in losses than wins is a simple consequence of the fact that they’re a lot less likely to be leading and running out the clock. It’s not a cause of losing, but an inevitable result.” – Reported by Sander Philipse

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