St. Louis approves $150 million for a brand new stadium.


Does this mean the city of St. Louis might be shopping for a new NFL team? Or could this be an attempt to change Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s mind?

“The city of St. Louis took one step closer to getting an NFL stadium built when the city’s Board of Aldermen voted Friday to approve $150 million in city funding for a proposed new stadium that would be built near the banks of the Mississippi River. The only question now is: Who would play in the stadium if it actually got built? Rams owner Stan Kroenke has given no indication that he wants to stay in St. Louis, even if the city does build a new stadium. Kroenke’s actions have made it clear that he wants to take his franchise to Los Angeles, and if he can’t move to L.A., he might start to look at other cities like London.”– Reported by John Breech

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