Dirk Koetter: “I have the greatest job in the world”


Now, doesn’t head coach Dirk Koetter have a nice ring to it? How about, Dirk Koetter head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? I like it, and I know it would not upset too many fans. Especially, the fans who are already begging for Lovie Smith to be fired. But, for the time being it seems, that he is content in his role as offensive coordinator. And so am I.

“Over the entire season, the Bucs rank 16th in the league in points and 11th in yards. Both are a big improvement over what the team managed last season, something that reflects well on the work done by offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter this season. That’s led to talk about Koetter drawing interest as a head coach this offseason.” – Report by Josh Alper

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