Kirk cousins is the man in Washington now.


Kirk Cousins established himself as the Redskins savior when he was awarded the starting position over the waste of space, RG3. Many believed that Kirk Cousin was washed up and would never amount to anything, as his previous season had been failures. Against all odds, from Chump to Champ, Kirk Cousins could become an elite QB if it’s only for this season.

“The signature drive of Washington’s division-clinching victory Saturday night took 13 plays and more than half a quarter. It ended, like so many recent Redskins drives, with a feathery Kirk Cousins touchdown pass. You can call the Redskins offense methodical or boring depending on your mood. But you have to call it successful. After Washington’s 38-24 triumph on a rainy night in Philadelphia, you can call the entire team NFC East champions.” – Reported by Gregg Rosenthal

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