The 1972 Dolphins celebrate Panthers loss


It looked as if the Carolina Panthers were going to join the Bears, Dolphins, and the Patriots, with an undefeated season. 

In what is likely, the biggest upset of this season, Carolina lost to the Falcons by the score of 20-13.

“If the 1972 Dolphins celebrated yesterday following the Panthers’ loss to the Falcons, I say good for them. Members of the ’72 Dolphins contend that their celebrations have been overstated, and they don’t really get together for champagne every year when the NFL’s last remaining undefeated team loses. But what we saw yesterday when the Panthers fell from 14-0 to 14-1 with a loss to the Falcons is a good reminder of just how special a team the ’72 Dolphins were.” – Reported by Micahel David Smith

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