Can’t Buy Me Lovie


It’s the same thing everywhere I look.  “Fire Lovie!” – “Lovie has to go!” – “It’s time to part ways with Lovie”. It has been the mindset of fans from two different teams, in two different cities, that are 1,800 miles apart.

For Bears fans, this attitude began the moment Super Bowl XLI ended. For Buc’s fans, it began long before Lovie became the head coach. Fans had had enough.

It all boils down to fans who are tired of losing and losing causes heartbreak, and that ushers in the mob-mentality. So, the verbal assaults begin.

I believe that the whole of fan disapproval began with the firing of Tony Dungy. That left us bitter.

No one will ever get the stamp of approval Dungy had and no one probably will.

Heck, Jon Gruden won the Super Bowl, but the majority of fans refuse to give him credit.

“We all know that was Dungy’s team regardless of who was the head coach at the time.” Right?

In hind site, it seems that any coach that came post-Dungy/Super Bowl era were immediately put under the microscope and were virtually doomed from the start.

This way of thinking has to change.

Lovie Smith hasn’t won any Super Bowls, but he has rebuilt a team and taken them to the Super Bowl 3 years later. I’m not saying he can do that here, not in three years. But, maybe in two more years, if the Glazers see fit to keep him.

Keep in mind that the 5-11, Bears were not in much better shape than Tampa was when Lovie arrived.

He has already given us hope even if many cannot see it. 

Lovie brought us: Mike Evans, Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Charles Sims, Kevin Pamphile, Jameis Winston, Ali Marpet, Donovan Smith, Kown Alexander and many more. But as far as a majority of fans are concerned the pot isn’t rich enough. Hopefully, he is still around for the next couple seasons and gets a chance to sweeten the deal, even more. 

Give Lovie a Chance! Rome wasn’t built in a day.

“It’s important to have your leader there, just like having a defensive leader or having a coaching staff in place for a while. All of these things add up.” – Lovie Smith