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As we round the corner to the offseason, Tampa has much planning and work ahead of them. Many contracts will be coming to an end. Players will need to be re-signed, and the defense needs to be dissected, dismantled, and troubleshot. Who will stay and who will go? What an exciting offseason this will be!

“Changes are coming to Tampa Bay’s defense in 2016. Big changes.”

“Assuming Lovie Smith stays on as head coach, it will be interesting to see whether he will remain the defensive play-caller next year given how bad the Bucs performed this year on his side of the ball, or if the Glazers will force Smith to cede control to a bona fide defensive coordinator. For Smith’s own good, I hope he relinquishes control of the play-calling and focuses on improving as a head coach and game-day manager. Smith needs to figure out how to transform the most undisciplined team in the league into a disciplined one so penalties won’t continue to be the Bucs’ undoing.” – Report by Scott Reynolds

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