Chip Kelly regrets he didn’t accomplish more in Philly


Chip Kelly has his regrets but, another rumor has emerged that he is interested in becoming the Titans head coach. The rumor comes just days after his termination as Eagles head coach. The rumor comes as a mutual interest from both parties and could become fact as soon as next week.

In a statement released Wednesday night, the former coach said he regretted that he didn’t accomplish more in his nearly three seasons with the Eagles.”

“I’m grateful to (Eagles owner) Jeffrey Lurie for allowing me to coach his Philadelphia Eagles for the past three seasons. I deeply regret that we did not bring this great city and its fans the championship they deserve. I was blessed to work with a gifted and hard-working coaching staff every day, and they will succeed wherever they go. Finally, my players mean the world to me. I will miss them very much and I will be rooting for them to achieve their dreams. Life is all about responding to challenges and seizing opportunities.” – Reported by Around the NFL Staff

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