Giants fans show their want for Nick Saban


New York Giants fans took to Twitter, to show their want of Alabama coach Nick Saban. I posted a scenario, involving Saban as HC in Tampa, and a majority of Bucs fans were against it. Do the Giants fans know something we don’t?

“It took maybe 30 seconds, probably less, after Alabama had defeated Clemson Monday night for the college football national championship for the Nick Saban to the New York Giants stuff to start on Twitter. Fans and media members alike couldn’t resist throwing the Alabama coach’s name into the mix as a replacement for Tom Coughlin. Why would Saban ever leave Alabama? Saban has now coached the Crimson Tide to four national titles in seven years. There is some belief that he may end up being the greatest college football coach ever. At the very Saban has a chance to surpass the accomplishments of the legendary Bear Bryant at Alabama.” – Reported by Ed Valentine 

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