Jason Licht believes Tampa is an attractive Coaching job.


I completely agree. The players are appealing to any would-be coach. Not to mention, the city itself, stands apart from most of the cities that host NFL teams. The stadium and the weather here are gorgeous. The only issue that a prospecting coach might see is the fact that Tampa runs through coaches in two-year intervals. But, that won’t last too much longer because the next coach in Tampa should win the Super Bowl.

 “General Manager Jason Licht believes that the Buccaneers’ have one of the more appealing head coach openings in the league. It’s been one week since the Buccaneers and Lovie Smith parted ways. Since then, General Manager Jason Licht, along with ownership, has been searching for a new coach to lead the Bucs into 2016. Licht believes that the pieces are in place in Tampa Bay to make the position very attractive for whoever takes over the reins.”

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