Sean McDermott gets an endorsement from Brian Dawkins


In the evening hours, news of Dirk Koetter preparing his staff in the off chance he was selected as an HC had Tampa social media, in an uproar. Many were saying he was Tampa’s new head coach, and others were saying he was the new head coach in San Fran. No new head Coaches were selected, in either place and for both teams the search continues. Sean McDermott comes with a high recommendation from former Eagles safety, and nine-time Pro Bowler, Brian Dawkins.With no word on Dirk Koetter being hired as HC, and still being called the favorite of candidates, one could be lead to believe that Tampa is waiting, for a current coach to become available. If it is McDermott, his defensive expertise could be exactly what the doctor order for an ailing Buccaneers defense.

“Among the three candidates to interview for the Bucs’ head coaching vacancy is Carolina defensive coordinator Sean McDermott, and the 41-year-old got an endorsement Wednesday from nine-time Pro Bowl safety Brian Dawkins, who played under McDermott with the Eagles.”-“One of the things you start with with Sean is he’s a hard worker. Very hard worker,” said Dawkins, now an analyst with ESPN in a phone interview Wednesday. “Learning under Jim Johnson, learning under Andy Reid, he’s going to have a lot of details to help him along the way.” – Reported by Greg Auman

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