It’s turning out to be the worst ERA to be an NFL head coach


Two years are simply, not enough time, to turn a football team around. Head coaches and GMs are hired with the expectation of turning a losing team, into a winning team, overnight, and for any coach, this is an impossible task. 

“A two-year plan for NFL coaches. There is no better metric for the lack of patience owners now have than the next paragraph you’re about to read. Joe Philbin was fired by the Dolphins after a little more than three seasons. Chip Kelly by the Eagles after less than three. Mike Pettine by the Browns after two. Lovie Smith by the Bucs after two. Ken Whisenhunt by the Titans after one and change. Jim Tomsula by the 49ers after one. I asked NFL league office and team executives when was the last time so many head coaches were fired after so little time with their teams? The answer I got from everyone was: I’m sure it’s happened before, but I can’t remember. Well, neither can I. Even some of the coaches who survived, like the Colts’ Chuck Pagano, lost significant portions of their staffs in order to stay.”  -Report by Mike Freeman