The Rams are returning to Los Angeles


From Cleveland to L.A. to St.Louis, the Rams are now returning to L.A. once more, and the ” time share continues”. Except this time, the Chargers could join them, and be returning to the city where it all began. In 1960, the Chargers underwent transitioning to NFL franchise by placing their roots deep into the Los Angeles community. Subsequently, the Chargers, a year later, uprooted themselves as an L.A franchise and placed their future existence into the soils of San Diego. If the Chargers choose to find comfort in the firm arms of San Diego, that will give the Raiders the go-ahead to return to Los Angeles. If so, the Raiders franchise will abandon the Madden ties, of Oakland, and re-visit the glory days of Flores. Once again, donning the title of the Los Angeles Raiders.

“The Rams have been given the go-ahead to move to a new stadium in Inglewood, the site they had initially proposed, effective immediately. The Rams’ will play at the L.A. Coliseum until their new stadium opens in 2019, Goodell said.

The Chargers have been given one year to work out a deal with the Rams that would also bring them to Inglewood. The Oakland Raiders, who agreed to disband a joint-venture with the Chargers, will be given the first option to move to Los Angeles if the Chargers fail to work out a deal.”– Report by Dylan Byers


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4-4 Los Angeles Chargers