The Glazer family has both of their professional teams in similar states.


It appears that the Glazers have their hands tied. While looking for a Hc for their American football team, it seems they are having similar issues juggling the state of their professional European football team. Fans have cried out that the Glazers need to sell the Buccaneers, could the state of both teams be a sure sign, that the fans might just be right?

“As owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Glazer family sure has its hands full seeking a new head coach and struggling to figure out how to up the performance of its pro sports team. If only the Bucs were the Glazer’s sole challenge. Glazer-controlled Manchester United, the once vaunted English soccer team seems to be following a similar trajectory of poor play, low rankings and a head coach whose future looks in doubt.” – Reported by Robert Trigaux

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