The NFL has moved teams to L.A. Is London next?


The NFL is finally in the works of wrapping up the L.A. relocation. Will they now turn their sights towards London? It has been a thing already, but will it become a permanent thing? Time will tell, and the probability is high. We could see more NFL in London, in the very near future.

“Now that the National Football League has settled on which team will play in Los Angeles, the question on the minds of fans is which city will become the new object of the league’s affections. The odds-on favorite: London. The league hasn’t said publicly that it plans a London move. Its strategy of playing games in the British capital hinges on “creating more fans,” according to David Tossell, the NFL’s European head of public affairs. But the NFL has shown strong vital signs in London, and has already begun to make money there. Since 2007, the NFL has held 14 regular-season games in London, turning the 90,000-seat Wembley Stadium into a football carnival of red-white-and-blue novelty—complete with fireworks, cheerleaders, and two national anthems.” -Reported by Joshua Robertson and Matthew Futterman

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