Tampa Bay had one of the best draft classes of 2015


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers definitely hit a home run with the 2015 draft, and it would not surprise me that they will hit another one, with the 2016 draft. Jason Licht is proving to be most effective in his drafting selections. This season’s draft should prove to be as beneficial as last year’s, and I cannot wait for draft day to arrive.

“That’s no surprise: the Bucs’ first four picks all started from day one, and mostly played well throughout the season. That’s left tackle Donovan Smith, right guard Ali Marpet, middle linebacker Kwon Alexander and of course, quarterback Jameis Winston All four of them made both Pro Football Focus’ and the PFWA All-Rookie teams, and all four of them should be key players for the Bucs over at least the next four years, and likely much longer. If Kenny Bell also turns out to be a competent player after spending his rookie season on injured reserve, the Bucs may have found a draft class for the ages.”  – Reported by Sander Philipse

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