Koetter: “Tell Jason Licht that I want Doug Martin!”


Doug Martin will most likely be a hot commodity in the free agency this season, and he has earned the right to be so. But, according to Dirk Koetter’s statement to the public, Doug Martin may be the hottest priority here, in Tampa.

“Free agency wheeling and dealing doesn’t begin until March but Tampa Bay running back Doug Martin picked up an early vote of confidence from his new head coach. The Buccaneers officially introduced Dirk Koetter as the franchise’s replacement for Lovie Smith with a Friday afternoon press conference. About an hour later, the Bucs’ offensive coordinator-turned-head coach sat down with reporters in the media room for another Q-and-A session. “Tell Jason Licht that I want Doug Martin!” Koetter said smiling. “Tell Jason. I’m putting my name on that. I want Doug Martin to be a Buc, so you tell him.” He was playing it up a little with the emphatic answer and table slaps, but the desire to keep Martin in pewter and red is no joke.” – Reported by Eric Horchy

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