Marshawn Lynch could have to pay back 5 Million if he retires


Beast Mode could repay 5 million dollars to the Seattle Seahawks if he retires this offseason. Seems like a drop in the bucket for the Seattle Seahawks, but for those who work hard for their money, that is a lot. Will Marshawn re-think retirement, or will he stay on and take a pay cut? 

If Marshawn Lynch is going to retire, he better make sure his bank account can handle it. If Beast Mode goes into Retirement Mode, he could have to repay the Seahawks up to $5 million in bonus money. When Lynch extended his contract with the Seahawks in March 2015, the new deal included a $7.5 million signing bonus. The cap hit from the bonus was prorated over the life of the three-year contract, which means the Seahawks will take a hit of $2.5 million in both 2016 and 2017 if Lynch retires. However, under terms of the CBA, the Seahawks are allowed to try and recoup that money from Lynch, although they’re not required to. So basically, if Lynch decides to call it quits, the Seahawks have the right to get back $5 million from him.” – Reported by John Breech

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