Broncos defeat the Patriots and move on to the Super Bowl


All the odds were against Peyton Manning and the Broncos, and all the odds were for Tom Brady and the Patriots. But, it was Peyton Manning and the stellar defense of the Broncos that despite the odds, held Brady in check, and ultimately won. In what could be Mannings final game, they will have one heck of a challenge coming up, against the Carolina Panthers and a seemingly, unstoppable, Cam Newton. I wouldn’t count Manning out. He has already, thwarted the Patriots defense.

“Because of diminished arm strength and a litany of struggles all season long that stemmed from a partially torn plantar fascia, Manning and the Broncos came into this matchup as home underdogs. The narrative all week long was that the Broncos would need to play a nearly perfect game to take down the Patriots.  It turns out all they needed was a stingy defense and for Manning to be steady, smart and effective. Brady fell to 2-7 in his career in Denver. He remains one of the NFL’s all-time greats at quarterback, but on Sunday, Manning, 39, was the better quarterback.” – Reported by Lorenzo Reyes

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