Bucs OC Monken Top Priority: Evans’ Drops



Mike Evans is the clear number one receiving option for rookie QB Jameis Winston, however, many fans were frustrated with his sophomore year performance, myself included. It could be understandable, mostly in part to one thing: his inability to catch several passes this year. The frustration is not to be taken the wrong way. In actuality, Evans was a more productive receiver driving down the field this year, than he was last year. In 2014, Evans averaged 15.45 yards per catch, whereas, in 2015, he averaged 16.29 yards per reception. While he had 74 receptions on 148 targets, the frustrating part, is thinking about how much better he would have been, had he not dropped 11 passes. At 16.29 yards per reception, Evans could have approached the 1,400 receiving yards mark instead, he settled with 1,206 yards. Still 155 yards more on six additional receptions over his 2014 campaign where he amassed 1,051 yards on 68 receptions. Not to mention, he only scored 3 touchdowns his second season which was quite the decline from the 12 he scored his rookie year. The answer is simple. Mike Evans has to catch the ball! Todd Monken seems to have a plan.


“Monken, who carries the dual title of coordinator/wide receivers coach, admitted during an introductory news conference Thursday that his top priority will be to coach up the Bucs’ wide receivers. Evans led the NFL with 11 drops during the 2015 season, according to SportingCharts.com, and Monken says he’ll take it “personally’’ if Evans continues to drop passes at that rate in 2016. “He competes for the ball and wants to do it. He’s talented. And so I’m excited to get started. Like I said, I take that personally. My job is to make sure he doesn’t drop the ball. That’s it.” – Reported by Roy Cummings, Tampa Tribune

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