Vincent Jackson remains a Buccaneers WR and he’s getting paid.


Vincent Jackson will remain a Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver for 2016, and according to Pewter Report, he will receive his full salary of almost 10 million dollars. V-Jax has earned his place, although “some people” think he didn’t earn his keep last year. With an injury to his knee that kept him out of 6 games, during the 2015 season, V-Jax went sub 1,000-yards for the first time as a Buccaneers WR, and for the first time in four seasons. As this is his contract season coming up, I do not think it will be a make or break situation for him, as he had already made it, and already broken it. I think this is Tampa showing much-earned love, and respect for the 11-year veteran wide receiver for his five years of service, and allowing him to finish up his contract, with full contractual obligations fulfilled. Kudos to Tampa and Kudos to V-Jax

“That’s a bit of a surprise, given Jackson’s lackluster performance in 2015, his age, his struggles with injury and the likely availability of a few quality wideouts in free agency. Jackson caught just 33 passes for 543 yards and three touchdowns in ten games this season, the first time since 2010 that he didn’t manage to reach the 1,000-yard mark. At the same time, the Bucs’ passing offense clearly struggled without Jackson, leading to a dismal performance and four straight losses to end the season.” – Sander Philipse

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