John Lynch sees promise in the Buccaneers


If John Lynch knows one thing more than any other, it’s football and the Buccaneers. Lynch sees in these Buccaneers a lot of promise, which says a ton, coming from a man who was there during the building of a team that eventually made it to, and won, the Super Bowl.

“Buccaneer great John Lynch believes his former team is trending in the right direction. Last week, Buccaneer great John Lynch was selected to become the ninth member in the team’s Ring of Honor. Lynch held a press conference with an auditorium full of friends, family and members of the media on Friday and was asked several questions, including the current state of the Buccaneers. Lynch said that he sees a bright future for the players and coaches that the Buccaneers have in place.”

“I think there’s a lot of great pieces here,” Lynch said. “I will say, I’ve had the opportunity, through my broadcast duties, to be around Dirk and Mike Smith and a lot of the coaches. – Reported by Joe Kania

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