The Buccaneers shouldn’t just rely on the draft to fix the defense


There will be plenty of defensive talent available in the upcoming draft, but how likely will drafting defense correct our defensive issues? Not likely at all. So, that means the Buccaneers, will have to once again, lean on the draft for defensive talent. Sander Philipse points this out in his newest article, and I have to agree, there is too much available in the F.A. to focus on just defense in the draft. 

“Job one for the Bucs this offseason: get the defense fixed. They fired Lovie Smith because he couldn’t get it done, so now they’d better give defensive coordinator Mike Smith the tools to get it right — or we’ll be looking at yet another wasted season. The Bucs fixed their offense last year almost exclusively through the draft. They got three new starters: quarterback Jameis Winston, and offensive linemen Donovan Smith and Ali Marpet. All three of them worked well, but you’re not going to get three quality starters every year. You’d be lucky to get three starters in any draft, let alone three good ones.” – Report by Sander Philipse

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