Roger Goodell to implement Rooney Rule for women



With the steps being made to place women in coaching positions in the NFL, the commissioner seen fit to create a Rooney rule for women. A good move by the NFL to do this as it will continue to strengthen the situation.

“The NFL continues its effort to encourage female involvement at every level of the sport. Speaking at the first “Women’s Summit” at Super Bowl 50, Commissioner Roger Goodell applauded the progress being made.”

“We believe in diversity,” Goodell said. “We believe we’re better as an organization when we have good people at the table. We have great people at the table … We’re also seeing it on the field. Sarah (Thomas) was our first NFL female official on the field this year … and she did a fantastic job, and we’re very proud of her.

“We also have people breaking into coaching ranks … Jen (Welter) is the first coach last year in the NFL. And she set a trend, we now have a second coach of the Buffalo Bills, a female coach (Kathryn Smith).”

“Goodell announced Thursday the NFL will institute a “Rooney Rule” that would require teams to interview women for executive positions.” – Reported by Kevin Patra

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