A New Day in Tampa Bay


2016 marks the start of a brand new season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It also marks the era of a new head coach, and a franchise quarterback, Jameis “Jaboo” Winston.

And with that many questions come to mind:

Can Jameis Winston’s wideouts take the pressure off of the young quarterback like Doug Martin had done in the 2015 season? 

I personally believe so. Jameis has the mindset of a champion, and will stop at nothing to achieve greatness, he has the talent, and a natural winning attitude to go along with it. .

And will the Tampa 2 still be there?  The Tampa 2 is dated, and without the right personnel, it will never work in Tampa, again. I believe we should go with, either a 4-3 or Zone defense.

Will we be keeping this head coach for more than two years, or will the Glazers inevitably fire him, and find another head coach, just like they have done in the past?

It is very possible Dirk Koetter will outlive the two-year death sentence that has been handed to Tampa head coaches, as of late. He did take a bottom ranked offense, and turn it into a top five, after all.

Only time will tell.

Other questions that have to weigh heavily on the minds of Bucs fans is:

Will the Buccaneers finally be able to make it to the playoffs?

Just with what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have accomplished in 2015, I strongly believe that we will be heading into the postseason this year. 

And  the big question:

will we ever see another Super Bowl like Jon “Chucky’ Gruden and that historic Buccaneers squad?

The way things are coming around it is leading me to believe that we will see a similar Super Bowl team like the one Gruden had. The only difference would be, in my opinion, the quarterback. I feel Jaboo will be a better QB than Brad Johnson was. Will we see a defense like the Buccaneers had in 01-03? Probably not in a long time. But at this point close to that caliber defense, would suit me just fine.


I know most of you are Die-Hard-Bucs-fans, and you know full-well what our Tampa Bay Buccaneers are Capable of, and now, since we have an Allstar quarterback in “Famous” Jameis; Will Vincent Jackson stay healthy, and will Lavante David keep reminding us of Derrick Brooks?

Vincent Jackson has been the cornerstone of the Buccaneers offense for so long, that last year seemed, not only uncharacteristic but surreal. If he stays healthy, he is not only an asset but a God Send. He makes everyone around him better, and his veteran experience will go a long way in maturing a lot of these young wide receivers. Lavonte David is walking right along in the footsteps of Derrick Brooks, but will forever be in his shadow. With 576 tackles in his NFL career I’d say he’s on the right path and staying the course, and who know’s, one day he might be wearing that golden jacket holding his very own bronze bust.

These are teeth grinding, brain burning questions that need answers. But, we will have to wait until the 2016-2017 season begins!

                                                     – Written by Nathan P. Cline-