Jameis snubbed for Rookie of the Year and Cam Newton gets M.V.P


America’s Quarterback broke all kinds of records placing his name in the history books. He set franchise record after franchise record for passing, and at the same time set NLF records. He is 3rd all-time in rookie passing yards while becoming 4th in all-time passing touchdowns, as a rookie surpassing Cam Newton and Derek Carr. He changed the face of a franchise, played every single snap, and did it with a confidence and poise, that shut the mouths of every naysayer. So, why exactly did he get snubbed for NFL Rookie of the Year? I cannot answer this question and truthfully, anyone who tries will just be spouting B.S. I’m not taking anything away from Gurley’s incredible rookie season, but I, also, cannot compare apples to potatoes. They just are not the same.

Cam Newton won the NFL’s M.V.P award, and that’s not surprising. He is the keystone of the Panthers offense and has had an incredible season that took him, and his team to the Super Bowl. He will face a tough Denver Broncos defense in this Super Bowl game today at 6:30 PM on CBS, but the Panthers have played some tough defense and prevailed. Cam threw for 3,837 yards and rushed for 636 racking up a total of 45 touchdowns this season, making an easy case for his M.V.P. award and truly earning him the title of Superman.

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