Third time is the charm


No introduction is needed for this former Buccaneers head coach.

With his third time being eligible for Canton, the winningest coach in franchise history etched his name in history years ago, but now it will be showcased in the Hall of Fame forever. Coach Dungy knocked down adversity, and he did it with a calm, peaceful demeanor that left smiles on everyone’s faces as big as his own. He has an amazing resume, not only was he the first African American HC to win a Super Bowl, he holds the 9th all-time winning percentage, better than any current active coach, yep even Belichick. Coach Dungy, graced 11 playoff appearances in the 13 years as head coach and won a total of 139 games from 1996-2008. 

John Lynch was also up for the Hall but was snubbed by the vote. Maybe next year John.

Dungy: Born in Jackson, Michigan played for the University of Minnesota before playing three seasons as safety for the infamous Steel Curtain. During his stint at Pittsburg, he would sometimes find himself in the position to play QB when the starters were down, and this allowed him to become the only man in NFL history to throw a pass for an interception, and intercept a pass in the same game. Dungy, who played quarterback in college, led the 1978 Super Bowl winning Steelers in interceptions.

Congrats to the man, the myth and the legend! Tony Dungy!

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