Peyton Manning is following Tony Dungy’s advice before making the decision to retire


If you are going to take advice from someone, regardless what the situation is, Tony Dungy wouldn’t be a bad choice of person to listen to and absorb the wisdom from. With the experience and moral stance Dungy has established over the years, he has become a mentor in many ways, as a football coach, a father, a friend, and a teacher. So, it doesn’t surprise me that he stepped to his former quarterback to share some insight, on Manning’s decision to retire. And Some great advice was given to the Veteran QB, advice that he will take to heart, to ensure he makes the proper decision. 

“The only five-time MVP in NFL annals was merely a role player Sunday as the 39-year-old Manning broke a tie with Brett Favre to become the first NFL quarterback with 200 career wins. Although his passing totals were modest (141 yards, zero touchdowns), Manning was an inspirational leader while evening his Super Bowl record at 2-2. But will he go for more wins, or retire?” “When I think about those 200 wins, I think about all the coaches and teammates I’ve played with,” Manning said on Monday. “One of those coaches, Tony Dungy, who is going to the Hall of Fame, called me last week and said, ‘I need to talk to you — I’m still your coach. Do not make an emotional decision right after the game. Take some time, get away with your family and reflect on what’s occurred.’ “I’m going to follow my old coach’s advice. At the appropriate time, I’ll make a decision. Whatever the decision is, I have a real peace about it.” – Reported by Ira Kaufman

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