Unsung Bucs Heroes of 2015


Cameron Brate may be the one to top the list of  Unsung Buccaneers Heroes, he came in for the injured ASJ and simply performed. The rookie TE out of Harvard, yes I said Harvard, proved to the NFL that the Ivy league isn’t just, a place to recruit lawyers, doctors, professors, and future Presidents. 

“As we begin to turn our attention to 2016, we also want to recognize some of the Buccaneers who succeeded in 2015 under a lesser spotlight. These are not your franchise quarterback or your Pro Bowl running back. These are players who exceeded expectations in 2015 and put themselves in a position to earn a bigger role next fall. These are, to put it simply, some of the Buccaneers’ unsung heroes in 2015. Let’s take a look at three of them: tight end Cameron Brate, offensive lineman Kevin Pamphile and defensive end Howard Jones.” – Reported by Scott Smith

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