Magic Johnson tries to recruit Peyton Manning to the Rams


Peyton Manning’s 2015 Super Bowl winning season, was one of the worst seasons Manning played in his 17-year career. But, that doesn’t stop people from trying to talk him out of retirement. Most recently, was former Lakers Hall of Famer, Magic Johnson. However, Johnson’s attempt was purely in jest to Manning’s current retirement mulling.  It does point to an interesting question: What will Manning do?

“If Peyton Manning planned on giving any thought to retirement, there hasn’t been much time for him to do so since the Super Bowl without people telling him what he should do. Jokingly or not, that continued Wednesday night on The Tonight Show where Manning appeared alongside Los Angeles sports power broker Magic Johnson. Johnson, a part owner of the Dodgers, is already locked in on his Rams season tickets and would like to see Manning under center.”

“I tried to talk somebody out of retirement and come to the Rams,” Johnson said, pointing at Manning. “I said, ‘Man, if you play again, come to the Rams.’ I was working on him backstage. I would even chip in some money.”

He added: “Look, look, look. He’s turning a few colors.” – Reported by Conor Orr

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