Buccaneers secondary break down: corners

Tampa has a new regime and with that will come changes. One of the many changes needed to be made will come in the secondary. Last season, Tampa had serious roster depth in the secondary department, or so it seemed. Many additions made to the secondary  last year, were players that had much success in other teams. Some had success with us, and others did not live up to expectations. The pass rush is a key component of a working secondary, but the secondary is the most important area of the defense, although, in my opinion, they are all equally as important. But if you have a lackluster pass rush, your pass defends are going to be overworked, and become lackluster as well. The fact that opposing quarterbacks completed 70% or higher of their passes against us, last year, proves that both pass rush, and pass defend were lackluster.

Let’s take a look at last year’s corners:


Johnthan Banks: Banks sustained an early injury that sidelined him, and he was never able to get back into a rhythm, this allowed the undrafted rookie Jude Adjei-Barimah to take Banks’ job, but Banks ultimately got it back at the end of the season. Banks never seemed to fit into Lovie Smith’s defensive scheme in 2015, after thriving in it in 2014, this is proven by his 1 pass defend, and no interceptions, as opposed to his 4 interceptions and 10 pass defends in 2014. Johnthan Banks has the talent to become an exemplary corner, hopefully, he is able to thrive in Mike Smith’s defense, and show everyone how good he really can be.

Sterling Moore: More was brought in to be Tampa’s nickel corner and to play backup corner, but as the season went on he became the team’s most consistent corner. Moore collected one of the two only interceptions by the corners unit, kept up with the tough receivers, and had 6 pass defends as well as forcing 3 fumbles.

Alterraun Verner: Moved from corner to nickel and then losing that job also, Verner did not give up gaining the nickel once again. He lead the corners unit in tackles, reigned in an interception, recorded 3 sacks, and 4 pass defends. Making Verner a versatile back, who can play at a Pro Bowl level. Tampa’s hiring of Brett Maxie could help Verner reach that Pro Bowl level again, the same way when they did when they were at the Tennessee Titans.

Jude Adjei-Barimah: Came in off the practice squad as an undrafted rookie and took Johnthan Banks starting position. Plagued by rookie mistakes, the  corner got burnt many times on double moves, and his aggressiveness was the cause of his being burnt by a stutter step. Johnthan Banks regained his starting job in the last two games of the season, due to Barimah’s mistakes. Next year we should see a calmer Adjei-Barimah, and this time, he may shock us all.