Brock Osweiler: proven at QB


Osweiler could be the next starting QB for the Denver Broncos, pending whether or not Peyton Manning retires. The backup came in for the injured Peyton Manning last season and proved he has what it takes to be the starter. He proved this by starting over Peyton Manning a couple of games. But it’s Peyton Manning, so that didn’t last too long. But, if Peyton leaves, I wouldn’t see any reason why Osweiler would not be the man in Denver for 2016.

“Malik Jackson believes the time is now for Denver to usher in Brock Osweiler at quarterback. The free agent must see the writing on the wall with Peyton Manning in Denver. Whether Manning is ready to ride off into the sunset or not, Jackson is not the first player with Broncos ties to suggest that the Osweiler era is prepared to restart. On Monday’s edition of NFL Total Access the defensive lineman conveyed that Osweiler is ready to take the helm.”

“He’s definitely someone who’s proven. He’s been underpaid for four years, quietly waiting,” Jackson said. – Reported by Tyler Dragon

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