Peyton Manning involved in sexual assault lawsuit


A sexual assault lawsuit was filed by six former female students of UT last week contending that the university’s athletic department condoned a hostile sexual environment. They recount a dozen instances in which former student-athletes were accused of sexually assaulting female students. Former UT star quarterback and current Super Bowl winner, Peyton Manning is among the names being stated. Manning allegedly sexually assaulted a female trainer during his tenor at UT, but the report first came out in 2003.


The lawsuit filed last week against UT boasts an allegation that in 1996 Manning placed his naked genitals on the face of a female trainer while she was in the midst of a physical examination. Manning, of course, denied these allegations and went on to say he was only mooning a friend. Dr. Jamie Naughright sued Peyton Manning for deformation of character for his portrayal of the trainer as vulgar mouthed, in his book.


The lawsuit lists 10 accused including Manning as players who were involved in sexual assault or other misconduct in an attempt to make the case against UT’s athletic departments allowing of long-standing assault patterns that deliberately created and creates an ongoing hostile discriminatory sexual environment for female students and that they deliberately acted with indifference in responding to incidents of sexual assault especially when associated with those considered to be top players.


The plaintiffs cite recent allegations of sexual assault naming former UT Basket Ball player Yemi Makanjuola, who has been found in violation of student conduct codes by sexually assaulting a female freshmen student. Makanjuola denies the allegations. The suit continues pointing to current UT football player accused of sexual assault and other former players, Michael Williams and A.J Johnson, who will face separate trials in the upcoming year.